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Reviews / Reviews 23 Май 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

 Didi Wray  — Misiόn Tango Surf, 2019


We have already spoken about the uprising of the Latin American surf scene. It’s quite tough, fresh and juicy. Like a cute girl from Argentina — Didi Wray. Except her wonderful alias, Didi has real good guitar technique, phrasing, power and a taste for old surf. Link would have approved.

Amphibian Man — Metal Goes Surf, 2019


One of the headliners of Ukrainian surf Ivan Semeschenko aka Amphibian Man released a conceptual album with the surf covers of metal hits. Recently Amphibian made a cover of The Beatles, but now he decided to try something heavy. It’s another proof that surf can process anything — from rock’n’roll to hardcore, and will still be surf. It’s a pity it failed to handle the British invasion.

Surferific Dudes Sharks in Tuxedos, 2019


A very interesting debut album by Surferific Dudes, a band from Virginia. The guys promise surf and blues rock, but in fact, you can even hear some reggae in their music. The Sharks in Tuxedos is like a surf should be — ravening, omnivorous and elegant.

Midnight Kings Midnight Fever, 2019


Midnight Kings from Madrid made a dancing rock’n’roll of rhythm’n’blues and garage punk. Actually, they are a few iterations away from psycho.

Cherie Currie, James Williamson Leader Of the Pack, 2019


Cherie Currie from The Runaways and James Williamson from The Stooges made a cover of the song that brought pain and tears into a sweet 1950s rock’n’roll. For the B-side, a punk mama called Marky RamoneBut you’re not even a Ramone!» we shout together with John Lydon) and Wayne Kramer from MC5. The chapter of New York punk foster brotherhood dropped a Cherry Bomb there. So, let’s listen to The Velvet Underground and fall into a complete awe, like your drunk father every Friday.

 Johnny7 and the Black crabs Gold Digger, 2019


A new EP by Johnny7 and the Black crabs is an excellent and a bit flatulant rockabilly that has a slight sound of a music hall.

  Dark Bottle Pimee Pullo, 2019


Three Finnish guys from Tampere call themselves an unbelievable term «doombilly and kraut-country orchestra». These tough Northern guys play some kind of Southern music made of homegrown rhytms and dark folk punk with all that cowboy stuff like banjos, Dobros and the signature yodel-like sounds that shout to us «reproduce you cows, for life is short».

  RvB Я вигадав світ, 2019


A very touching new video by RvB, with a full contramotion in music. 

The Phantom Dragsters .​.​.​at tiki horror island, 2019


The Phantom Dragsters released a full album after six years of their actual existence and two EPs. Despite the fact that we hear a very sweet and melodic old-fashioned surf like The Ventures and Dick Dale did, the names of the songs say «horror». Boo!


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