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Reviews / Reviews 18 Март 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

Wicker Man — Dammit! We're back to Dystopia!, 2019


The Wicker Man from Dnipro released a sophisticated album «back to Dystopia», where the lost paradise of the industrial steampunk sucked almost all the living shit from the miserable human beings. But they still won’t give up. That’s a classic theme that leaves some place for drama. Through the dense ambient background with the industrial noise of the mechanic supremacy, the music and weeping of the working class heroes can be heard here and there. It sounds smart and tasteful. Comparing to the other conceptual stuff, especially what is made in Ukraine, you’ll definitely want to listen to it again.

Kansas Smitty’s — Mardi Gras Vol. 1, 2019


The English players of American jazz Kansas Smittys released the first part of Mardi Gras EP. It is devoted to a New Orleans’ tradition to celebrate the Fat Tuesday. Ragtime, blues and swing with a signature sound by Kansas Smittys will help you through the Great Lent. Release of the second part is expected before Easter.

Moms I'd Like To Surf  Beach Control To Major Knob, 2019


And here’s the band of juicy and bold French surf moms catching the big wave. In fact, there’s only one mom, but she plays Danelectro. They blow smoke and repeat the penguin’s mantra. Slide!


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