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Last week's music, ninth

Reviews / Reviews 11 Март 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

Tip Jar — Onward , 2019


These very kind and jolly Dutch guys are into the energetic Southern Americana. They record and play in Texas and have a reputation of «the most American from all the Dutch bands».

Manos Wild — My Last Desire / A Picture Of You , 2019


Meanwhile, Manos Wild continue the glorious 50s’ traditions of rockabilly and doo wop in Greece. They do it with aesthetic, sensuality and, as was expected, with a little pop sound. Pep Torres, it’s time to worry.

The Sonoras — El Baile del Silencio, 2019


The Sonoras play a very melodic pulsing surf’n’roll, being one of the brightest bands of the Mexican scene. Their Dance of Silence longs to find the lost paradise of the 60s’ California with a little Mexicali twist.

Shovels & Rope Mississippi Nuthin' / Carry Me Home, 2019


Alt country is becoming harsher and tougher nowadays. First King Dude went punk, now Shovels & Rope play harder.


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