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Last week's music, eighth

Reviews / Reviews 11 Март 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

Sharawaji Records — Benefit Of Mr. Kitesurfer , 2019


A very pleasant and witty release of the iconic British label Sharawaji Records. It is specialized in the sub-genres of the most guitar surf ever. Thirteen bands from different countries (including our Amphibian Man from Kyiv) play thirteen The Beatles’ songs in surf arrangement. Perhaps, it’s the revenge for British Invasion. In fact, the attempt isn’t new but the performance is perfect.

Richard Cheese — Richard Cheese's Big Swingin' Organ! , 2019


Richard Cheese who loves crooning and swinging over the rock and rap hits in 50s manner, released an album of his most relevant stuff in instrumental version. The album consists of the dialogue of the piano and crazy Rhodes where Rhodes totally slays. «Big swingin’ organ» Richard says with love. So big and so swinging’!

The Space Age Travellers SINGLE LUCK , 2019


A Dutch band The Space Age Travellers managed to combine surf’n’roll with jazz. Well, there’s not much jazz but a bit of jive and spaghetti western are present.


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