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Reviews / Reviews 08 Февраль 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

The Bardulians — Here We Go!, 2019


The Bardulians is a very interesting cooperation of the top musicians of the Bilbao’s jazz scene. A rhythm-section, a hammond and a sax make the most seamless mix of jazz, rhythm-and-blues and funk with Latin rhythm and a recognizable sound of that wet 60s decade.

Los Grainders — Graind It!, 2019


What’s in Mexico, a hero of a well-known movie had asked. Mexicans! Los Grainders from the Southern Mexico City play a delicious Californian middle-60s surf

The Bluescure — Nerve Syrup, 2019


The Bluescure, a Dutch band with the name that speaks for itself, invites us to try some «Nerve Syrup». A very well-prepared tough blues may not be a cure (all right, maybe partially), but the sedative effect is undeniable.

Jim Spencer — Landscapes, 2019


Landscapes by Jim Spencer is a very lyrical and exquisitely simple acoustic country-folk. Sometimes country is on top, sometimes folk — Americana will be Americana, anyway.

Graveyard Bashers — Where's Billy?, 2018


«Where’s Billy?», ask the Finnish psychos Graveyard Bashers, having «a punk with double bass» on mind. Well, partially it’s like that — a solid psycho with crazy vocal in a «half metal, half punk» manner. Evil, bouncing, energetic — but a kind of too tiresome for some age groups. We’re getting old; don’t be like us.

Sedajazz — Muñequita Linda, 2018


The sedative jazz orchestra from Valencia seasons swing with funk and Latina. A perfect background for enjoying sedatives, alcohol and ladies’ company.


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