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Last week's music, second

Reviews / Reviews 24 Январь 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

 Slim FasteRockadebill , 2018


There could have been a rapper hiding under the name of Slim Faste, but it’s not. It’s a French «rock-a-debill» from Baraqueville that plays — well, let it be rock-a-debilly then. The eponymous EP proves again that rock-n-roll doesn’t require much depth bop bopaloo awop bam boo.

Jherek Bischoff — Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Walk with Me, 2018


For better or worse, Christmas hymns are limited by the seasonal demand. But there’s no reason to complaint, moan or grieve — an arrangement with Angelo Badalamenti vibes is enough to make the holiday stay with you forever. There’s groundhog days in Twin Peaks, Diane.

Ruki'v Bryuki — Jumpin' & Humpin', 2018


Having put together a huge musical erudition, the highest performing skill and having recreated the sound of era right before the birth of rhythm-and-blues and rock-n-roll, the RvB band (Ruki’v Bryuki in recent years) recorded an album of their own songs translated into English. These guys managed to become the daddies to Elvis and their own grandpas at the same time. Calling Chuck, McFly!

LosTremoleros — The Winter Sessions, 2018


The Australian Tremoleros, being literally the knights of the surf Temple, had recorded an album of quite an old-fashioned melodic surf with a slight Latin mood due to the presence of Mexicans in a band.

Mercury Salad Sandwich — Pandemonium, 2018


The name of Mercury Salad Sandwich conceals an acoustic folk-bluegrass quartet from Ypsilanti, Michigan. They play some rhythmic and easy-going country subgenre, rich in funk, soul and blues notes. Sounds distinctive enough and very special.


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