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Reviews / Playlist 21 Январь 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

Say Sue Me — Christmas, It's Not a Biggie, 2018


South Korean pop surf in a manner of the late 1960s makes an interesting cultural phenomenon. The music American soldiers used to listen to (surf and psychedelic, first of all), fused into a culture unexplored before and even developed into an independent genre, like, for example, Cambodian surf.

Dirty Fuse — Calling of the Deep, 2018


Greek surfers Dirty Fuse have already released their sixth album of surf with 1960s vibes without any particular rock’n’roll presence. This time they promised «a journey from deep space to deep sea on a deep rever». And they didn’t lie!

Casbah Records — Ramdam#11, 2018


The French label Casbah Records deals with rock’n’roll and garage. They release «wild and fucked up sounds». However, this compilation of modern French band is rather a kindly naïve but successful attempt to recreate music patterns of 1960s, from dirty proto punk to thrilling psychedelic stuff.

The Di Maggio Connection — Rowdy, 2018


The name of The Di Maggio Connection band is a hint on the 1950s theme and a hero of that epoch — Joe Di Maggio, Marilyn Monroe’s husband and a baseball star of Italian origin. The only Italian among the honored members of American Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Marco di Maggio from Pisa, is exactly the same kind. His fourteenth album which is only the third one for the band is, as always, a mix of boppin’ blues, country, rockabilly, surf and what not in the most unexpected proportions. We have a joke about spaghetti-western but not sure whether it’s appropriate.

Candy Jacket Jazz Band — Unstuck in Time, 2018


There is a joke about jazz bands. It says, «The least known ones play better». Currently, Candy Jacket Jazz Band is a name very few people have heard about, but it conceals the best jazz artists of L. A. that have already released their second album of original danceable jazz that sounds quite traditional.

SKC and WBM — All You Really Need is the Sea, 2018


Sheila K Cameron is a singer and songwriter from Canada. She lives in Glasgow and plays folk with a little twist of blues which sounds surprisingly traditional for both Canada and Scotland (funny, huh?) Some sources call her a blues singer but we’d rather not jump to such conclusions.


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