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Reviews / Reviews 26 Февраль 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

Juleah — Desert Skies, 2019


Julia Hummer from Austria calls her one woman band Juleah, and her art neo-psychodelia. Actually, «neo» sounds too modest here, because it’s a truly powerful psychedelic garage blues of the old kind but
with a very modern sound. High class!

Hellbilly Club — Terror Tales , 2019


The iconic Spanish psycho band Hellbilly Club released a brand new album after five years of break. It’s the eighth one in the band’s history that counts twenty-five years. On the one hand, it sounds like back in the 1980s when neo-rockabilly hadn’t become an oldschool psycho yet. On the other hand, it’s quite modern and progressive. The themes are traditional — horror, hell and psychosis. A real masterpiece!

The New Orleans Dance Hall Quartet , 2019


The New Orleans Dance Hall Quartet decided to honor the richest traditions of the New Orleans’ dancing halls and legendary musicians that played there in 1930s. They recorded an album of popular tunes of that time and in that particular style.

Secret Admirer  — Secret Admirer , 2019


Secret Admirer of surf from Scotland couldn’t take it anymore and released an album. Now we know that an atmospheric and cinematographic surf with the speed and rage of punk rock is played in Edinburgh. As if they check how much it can take. The genre groans but stands tough..


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