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Reviews / Reviews 18 Февраль 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

Toro Jones — Toro Jones Full Length, 2019


Toro Jones from Florida play tough garage surf. It’s the rare case when cattle not only may do what gods may, but is even welcomed to.

Delaney Davidson / Bruce Russell — One Hand Loose, 2019


A very contradictory and experimental album, where a primitive avant-garde is born from the garage psychedelics and rock’n’rollish guitar rattling. In some way, it reminds the early experiments of Zappa and Captain Beefheart, or Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed. Listening to it all is difficult but interesting.

The DeLorean Sisters — Somethin' in the Water, 2019


The Delorean Sisters play synth pop hits of 80s in a country arrangement for living. For fun, they write albums of old school americana with the twists of bluegrass and rock’n’roll.

The Vankeys — BORING, 2019


The Koffin Rockers from Australia arose from the ashes like the Phoenix bird and came back with the new name and fun melodic album full of the old school psycho and punk.

Short Stack And Sides — Long Time Coming, 2019


The Short Stack and Sides from Southampton play rockabilly, very atmospheric, old-fashioned and full of hilbilly melancholy.

Kalyn Fay — Good Company, 2019


The Horton Records label from Tulsa, Oklahoma is a non-profit organization consisting mostly of enthusiasts. Their goal is to preserve and multiply music traditions, heritage and «the special Tulsa sound». The heritage consists of traditional hilbilly and Tulsa born western swing, complemented by blues and rockabilly. It also includes totally modern sub-genres like alt-country and red dirt. Somewhere in this variety of sub-genres a wonderful transparent album of Kalyn Fay was found. It is soft, lyrical and very melodic, in the best traditions of country folk


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