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Reviews / Reviews 13 Февраль 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

The Cholla — Link of the Surf Guitar, 2019


A mini album of Californian The Cholla consists of five instrumental covers of a soundtrack for the assumed best video game for all times The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, that came out in 90s for Nintendo. The original soundtrack created by one of the main songwriters of Nintendo, Koji Kondo, is in the Top-10 of the game industry soundtracks. A magic ocarina helps Link, the game character, travel through space and time and finally get to the The Hero’s Sword. The Cholla suppose that a surf guitar will suit Link much better.

Familia Perkalaba — #ґазззууу!!!, 2019


The ritual of Orleans wake when those who were left comes out and blows the funeral melody through their pipes, and then the crazy rhythm and total madness begin, is the best description for the ninth album of Familia Perkalaba  #ґазззууу (#gazzzouu — It's a gas!). The Hutsul magic is a victory of life over death by making both of them absurd, a routine burning in the fire of committed hedonism. A Rablesian-Epicurean bograch boiling in the world music kettle, with the pipes even Kusturica couldn’t have dreamed of. Perkalaba are famous being one of the few who can push the national and even local product worldwide. «Тіло пріло, тіло нило, тіло вило, тіло хтіло — тіла нема» (The body sweated, the body moaned, the body houled, the body wanted — there is no body) — crazy Hutsuls ride the crimson beasts in the clouds, and the sunny face of Aleister Crowley smiles kindley and claps invisible hands.

Боже Мой! Orkestra — Fantômas contre Interpol, 2019


The conflict of Fantomas adn Interpol is the main theme of the Russian-Canadian one mand band with the Orthodox Christian Name Боже Мой! Orkestra (Oh My God! Orchestra). The games of the evasive villain with the collective de Funes are framed with the excellent dark-shaded surf with very cinematographic vibes. There could have been a wordplay, a kind of «spaghetti western» but about some hilarious «ratatouille surf», but we can’t think of any, oh my God!

Rachael Kilgour — Game Changer, 2019


Meanings killed rock-n-roll. They were like parasites on a body of the beautiful beast, itching through the narrow holes of words. Bob Dylan and the army of folk invaders got to the electric instruments and poisoned the rock-n-roll well, so enchantingly senseless before, by their love and social drama. They transformed the music for knees and pelvis into the headache caused by reading the news. Don McLean, being a folk invader himself, wrote a song about it. He cursed BD and the British demons and made a fortune for the rest of his life, what other proofs do you need? However, the other side of journalism gave us a consolation prize (a pathetic one though) — poetry. Not everyone, not always, but Bob Dylan could have taken a Nobel prize for this run. Rachael Kilgour that required such preliminaries, was a young folk lady but a big poetess, which means the exposure of non-conventional views and ways that whipped the commonplace. Exposing and whipping, what’s not to love?

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers — Madrid Memory, 2019


A nostalgic and very geeky release — the fiercest live of Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers with Syl Sylvain, Jerry Nolan and Billy Rath on Madrid TV back in 1984. This record considered lost for a long time but was luckily found and released on vinyl in a limited edition.

Les Panches Surfers — Sounds of Takeshi, 2019


The very name of a mini album of the Spanish surfers Les Panches Surfers suggest their own, not so eclectic surf music version to the movies of the Japanese maitre. Kitano himself, hiding behind the nickname of Beat Takeshi besides the captions, could have really like the second double beat sound.

Big Fancy — Songs To Be Broken Up With By, 2019


A wonderful release, for the hopeless admirers though. Big Fancy from the British Columbia with the help of his guitar and voice takes us back in times when jazz was called ragtime and country was called hilbilly. The manner and the authentic matrrial of Big Fancy reminds of the other great time traveller — Leon Redbone. He’s even boring just the same way.


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