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Reviews / Reviews 12 Февраль 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

Dr. Maha’s Miracle Tonic — Boogie Mama, 2019


The next devil’s potion is Dr. Maha’s Miracle Tonic. Those who dared to try it, aren’t afraid to mix boogie with dixieland and understands the language of boogie mamas. Bitches brew!

Les Robots — Big Trouble In Outer Space, 2019


The Dutch Les Robots band plays an edgy, nervous, quite sharp but mechanistic astro-surf. The Robots have just released their second single, and we can’t wait to hear a full album.

Reverb Brasil — Brazilian Tsunami, 2019


The name of Brazil comes after the name of one of mahogany breeds. Portuguese merchants started exporting it to Europe in 17th century. Although half a century later Hawaiians hit the waves with their mahogany surf boards, and in 1960s American teenagers invented a soundtrack for this sort of fun, surf came to Brazil only in 1980s. It settled down on the local Copacabanas and Ipanemas, and there were already two generations playing it up to the 90s’ Tarantino-induced revival of the surf scene. Well, now there go the third and fourth generations. Anyway, all of them deal with main Brazilian surf/garage labels Orleone Records and Reverb Brasil. The united release of these labels, Brazilian Tsunami is a compilation of the main Brazilian surf bands, a total of sixty-three. This crazy variety includes astro, horror, sci-fi, but still more of a beach stuff Californian style.

Screamin’ Rebel Angels — Heel Grinder, 2019


A hot redhead Laura Palmer with a double bass, steel pair of lungs and her Screamin’ Rebel Angels realeased a powerful, incredibly rhythmical and energetic album after six years of silence. Of course, Laura and her angels live in Brooklyn and not in Twin Peaks. They play a very 50s-mooded music, where rockabilly vies with rhythm blues.


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