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Last week's music, fourteenth

Reviews / Reviews 26 Апрель 2019
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Releases we listened to last week


R'n'R Kamikazes  — Campari & Toothpaste, 2019


The Italians with sweet voices who were allowed by the official Soviet propaganda to meet th aesthetic needs of a little man, never were another typical Italians. But Rockn’Roll Kamikazes that released their forth album throughout the last ten years, are totally different. They play the coolest and the boldest raw rock’n’roll mixed with rhythm’n’blues. They make you think of the cheeky faces of The Rolling Stones. Would you want your daughter to date such a kind of guy?

Sierra Ferrell — Washington by the Sea, 2019


Sierra Ferrel released a new album; we wrote about the previous one last autumn. A young girl with guitar and saw creates the most authentic Nashville country with great talent and perk. A real honky tonk queen — rock it, white trash!

 Shovels & Rope By Blood, 2019


Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent from Shovels & Rope in their new album prefer folk to country more than ever. This makes it simpler, rougher and, surprisingly, more sophisticated. A strong and powerful work — the alt-country that we deserved.

Boss Cuts Facekini Watusi, 2019


A Chinese garage surf? That may sound weird but don’t think of it, just listen. The Boss Cuts from Beijing with their craxy sax make a dirty, «fat» and aggressive stuff. This is the only Chinese band so far (or at least they consider themselves one), but the tendency is definitely positive.

Bobby "Guitar" Porembski Spaghetti Western, 2019


A true jewel of genre — an album of instrumental guitar-est ever spaghetti western Robert Porembski. The good, the bad, and the ugly is your inner baritone.

 Reese McHenry No Dados, 2019


A wonderful, very contradictory and extremely enlightening album by Reese McHenry from Northern Carolina. We can express the main educational message of this album in one phrase — no matter how much may a good man play rock, he will come to roll. And this fills our hearts with so much joy.


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