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Reviews / Reviews 10 Апрель 2019
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Releases we listened to last week

The Stamps — We are the Stamps, 2019


«The Stamps» from Toulouse call themselves a neo-rockabilly duet. In fact, they play an oldschool psychobilly where there is much garage instead of rockabilly.

Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra  — Soul Of My City, 2019


Let’s Go Back in Time, man — calls Rob Heron and his «Tea Pad Orchestra» in their new album. There’s gonna be a nice journey. Rockabilly, jump-blues and dixieland are played in the manner of the late 1950s but sound modern enough. Very juicy, sparkling and sharp, as one Futirist poet had written (not about music though).

Twin Temple —  Twin Temple, 2019


Thanks to the brilliant find (or fiend?), we managed to burn in hellfire by Alexandra and Zacharia James, an infernal couple from the City of Angels. These two are the priests of Satan church «Temple Twin». Among their occult rituals is playing music but — surprise! — it’s neither gothic nor metal. Question your sterotypes for the glory of the Dark Lord when you hear their sweetest «satanic doo-wop». Zacharia ploughs the melodic field of rock’n’roll Golden era, Alexandra spins the web and croons about the male fear and female power, blood and Baphomet. Doo-wop have never been called a devil music before, as jazz and rock’n’roll were. We are so thankful to these guys for unlocking this achievement and for their lovely playlist.

Javier TijuanaBlues At The End of The Road, 2019


Javier Tijuana from Valencia shakes his countrey and the whole world with the mightiest jazzy blues. Their Rhodes drawls together with slightly nervous guitar with much tremolo.

Lisa MarshallSoul De Femme, 2019


Lisa Marshall from Texas stuffs her retro-soul-folk-funk blues with the surprisingly witty feminist texts. We wish we heard more songs of protest and freedom with such a perfect and even sophisticated musical accompaniment.


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